Staking - How to Stake

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Staking - How to Stake

Post by adminBTK » Fri Dec 27, 2019 8:33 am

Staking - How to Stake


How do I stake ?

- You stake by downloading our wallets. (look under wallets)

or you can stake on our platform Masternode.Community


How much do I earn by staking ?

- When you have your wallet online, then each person gets BTK Coins, each time 2 BTK (Block 3-525600, after that the rewards will be smaller)
(BTK masternode rewards earns 6 BTK in each block reward.

When do I receive staking ?

- We do not know. This is different and based on how much BTK you have, More BTK = MORE Rewards

What is thing about staking ?

- You get more BTK Coins - each week - some daily and some each hour.

- Remember Youtube is your friend

How do I find info about that on Youtube ?

- Try click on these links:

YOUTUBE ABOUT POS ... f+of+stake

See info about BTK blockchain and rewards here:

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